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I do not believe inspiration is the only tool to create. mostly, my work is the result of my desire to communicate with the world that is around me.

sculpture has taught me how to look deeply to understand the essence of things.

little by little I have adapted sculptures to a human scale, until they become the small prostheses I call jewels.

for me, jewellery is closer to contemporary art than to fashion trends.

traditional and modern

it is essential to look into our past - to learn and understand how humanity has forged its history trough traditions, beliefs and ornaments. later, we can fuse our understanding of these circumstances with the current technology and in so doing reconstruct our history.

each jewel is a fragment, a small chronicle of the history of humanity.

craftmanship and technology are a recurring trait in my creative work.


by using materials that were never dreamed of for jewellery together with the classical universe of jewellery materials, the piece becomes an object that wants to provoke us and make us reflect rather than being simply a fashion complement.

a jewel's value is not only determined by its materials, the value also comes from the infinity of concepts, values and expressive forms held in its interior.

the materials are new because they are used in a new context and when combined with classical goldsmiths materials they start an inspiring dialogue.


the need to communicate leads me to the paper, and drawing is the first tool of creation.

the crafting process allows each piece to have its own personality and renders each piece original.

later, research on materials and volumes combine to construct the first piece, the one that will trigger the collection.

the jewel must become a bridge between the artist and the public.