Sculptor and jeweler graduated in Fine Arts from the UB. He studied art at the Hogeschool voor of Kunsten Utrecht in Holland. Recognized with the Paris Mode Eclat Award for the Ingrid and Glit collections; and the Joia and Moda Bijorhca Paris Prize for the Lunea collection, designed for Joid’art. Finalist for the Enjoia’t 06 FAD Award.

Origin - Idea

The sculpture has been the artistic discipline that has taught me to look and analyze until it reaches the bone of the bone, to understand and find the essence of things. Little by little I have adapted the sculptural pieces to the human body and have transmuted in these small prostheses that I call jewels.

Tradition - Modernity

Looking to the past, learning and understanding how human beings have been forging their history through their customs, traditions, beliefs and ornaments, and merging this knowledge with current technology is present in my creative work.

Tools - Materials

The fusion of materials never dreamed of in the world of jewelry with those that are part of the classic universe of the trade, make jewel become a provocative object that invites us to reflect. The use of these materials motivates a dialogue with the classic precious metals that we have inherited from a past of goldsmiths and jewelers.

Creation - Elaboration

The need to communicate with the world around me is directed to the role and with the drawing begins the creation. The materials and volumes search work are intertwined to build the first piece and this triggers the entire collection. The artisanal process allows each piece to have its own personality and be original.

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